Where Bans Are Best: LMICs Must Prohibit E-cigarettes & HTPs to Tackle Tobacco
The Union Courses Online. and Catlin Rideout D. 07/09/20; 304572 Topic: Tobacco Control
Dr Gan Quan, Megan Quitkin and Catlin Rideout
Dr Gan Quan, Megan Quitkin and Catlin Rideout
About this activity
Learning Objectives
This webinar will introduce The Union’s 2020 policy statement on e-cigarettes and HTPs: “Where Bans Are Best: Why LMICs Must Prohibit E-cigarette and HTP Sales to Truly Tackle Tobacco”. Presenters will elaborate on the reasons behind The Union’s recommendation and provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.
1) Describe the country specific circumstances that support the argument for a ban in LMICs

2) Apply the knowledge learned from the webinar to educate stakeholders on the reasons to support a ban.

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