TB and Covid-19: Finding Synergies to Advance the Fight
The Union Courses Online. Grania Bridgen, Dr KS Sachdeva, Dr Masoud Dara, Dr Eliud Wandwalo & Ingrid Schoeman . 05/07/20; 298824 Topic: Tuberculosis
  Grania Bridgen, Dr KS Sachdeva, Dr Masoud Dara, Dr Eliud Wandwalo & Ingrid Schoeman
Grania Bridgen, Dr KS Sachdeva, Dr Masoud Dara, Dr Eliud Wandwalo & Ingrid Schoeman
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Learning Objectives
In many settings, the COVID-19 response is being built on interventions which are applied in tuberculosis (TB) prevention and care: early testing, infection prevention and control, active case finding and contact tracing, surveillance, research for new tools and their access for all. However, in many settings, there is a risk of TB services being negatively affected due to lock-downs or deprioritising by health systems. 

Is there a way to not only end the COVID pandemic and minimise loss of life but also see countries better equipped to end TB, for example choosing new technologies being procured and implemented for COVID that could be also used to help the national TB response? The infrastructure countries have put in place for TB has dual-use purposes for addressing other respiratory diseases, which is a good thing but countries also need to make sure that TB services are not interrupted, and the capacity of the national TB response is not depleted. If planned correctly, the COVID-19 response in many high burden TB countries may bolster the current and future TB response, and lead to end two deadly respiratory diseases.

Opening remarks: Ingrid Schoeman “Reflections on the impact of COVID-19 on people affected by TB and their role in the fight against COVID-19 and TB” 

Topic 1: Impact of COVID-19 on TB detection, treatment and care in India. Dr KS Sachdeva, Indian NTP

Topic 2: How TB programmes shall survive the pandemic (preparation before the peak, essential services during the pandemic and TB services during the recovery phase). Dr Masoud Dara, WHO Regional Office for Europe 

Topic 3:  Global Fund support to the COVID-19 response and to mitigate the impact on TB. Dr Eliud Wandwalo, The Global Fund

1) Provide an overview of the current situation with TB and COVID- 19 from an HBC’s perspective 


2) Discuss strategies for covid-19 responses utilising TB programmes in a sustainable way

Highlight technologies that may have a dual purpose and strengthen TB programmes post Covid-19 

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