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Welcome to the online course Prevent Tuberculosis: management of TB infection, Part IThis course will improve your knowledge regarding all aspects of TB infection including the identification and treatment of tuberculosis infection. The course will look at what is required to increase country-level implementation of TB prevention, with a specific focus on the following groups: i) people living with HIV in care, ii)household contacts of people affected by TB, especially those under five years of age, and iii) persons with risk factors to develop TB.

As part of this online training, there are six modules:  

  1. Introduction to TB
  2. Pathogenesis of TB
  3. At risk populations
  4. Identifying TB infection
  5. TB Prevention Treatment (TPT)
  6. Implementation of TB prevention

Each module consists of presentations including graphics, animations, explanations, multiple-choice questions, exercises, and authentic examples. The modules will guide you through the process of managing TB infection, building concepts and knowledge learned in preceding sections.

Modules can be completed online at your own pace and the format is conducive to both independent or group work. The approximate completion time of each module is 30 minutes with the total duration estimated at 6 hours. You do not have to complete all the modules in one session.

At the end of the course, your knowledge on TB infection will be assessed in a final test.

Once you have completed the assessment, we invite you to continue with the course Prevent Tuberculosis: management of TB infection, Part II which is also hosted on the Unions Courses Online platform.


Dr Grania Brigden is The Director of the Department of TB at the International Union Against TB and Lung disease (The Union). In this role, she is involved in developing and expanding The Union’s global work programmes for TB, HIV and other co-morbidities.  Grania has previously worked for Médicins Sans Frontières, in Uganda with VSO, and in Banda Ache, Indonesia with Medic Global Sikhs. Grania studied medicine at University of Aberdeen and completed her specialist training in general and respiratory medicine in the North East Thames Deanery, London.

Dr Riitta Dlodlo, MD, MPH, has worked in both clinical and programmatic tuberculosis (TB), TB-HIV and overall health services and project management for over 30 years in Zimbabwe and other sub-Saharan African countries.

Riitta is a strong proponent of patient-centered decentralised and integrated services for people with TB and comorbidities.  She is passionate about local use of routinely available data in tuberculosis programmes for strengthening quality of both clinical and programmatic management.  She also believes that good quality tuberculosis data facilitates operational research that can expand evidence base for health policy, practices and approaches.  She has served as a faculty member in several Union courses, such as the International TB Course in Arusha.  She is a lead faculty in Principles of Tuberculosis Care and Prevention: from Knowledge to Action that is an annual international course held in Zimbabwe and its national adaptations.  She has published on TB-HIV and mortality.  In 2019, Riitta was appointed Senior Advisor in The Union.

Dr Ignacio (Nacho) Monedero  is a medical doctor with more than 18 years of clinical practice and working for the last 14 years in programmatic and clinical TB management with working experience in more than 30 countries. After being working 2 years in Sub-Saharan Africa in TB and HIV in tough conditions, did an MSc in Public Health in developing countries. Later in 2008 joined the Union as a TB-HIV and DR-TB consultant, delivering since them more than 45 clinical trainings and more than 30 technical assistance mission mainly on DR-TB. He is the author of more than 25 peer reviewed publication and collaborator of Union and WHO guidelines. Currently continue working internationally for the Union and WHO jointly with different academic and clinical positions in Spain, being a core member of the GDI, member or EMRO rGLC and working part time providing second medical opinions in infectious diseases. Keen on capacity building, sees training as an opportunity to empower patient, physicians and communities.

Liesbeth Oey has an academic background (master degree, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands) in training and human resource development. She was trained extensively in curriculum development, organization, implementation and evaluation of training programs. In 2007, she finished a one year master degree program in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Through her work in several organizations (KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation; WHO; Partners in Health) and in different parts of the world (Africa and Asia), she has ample experience in tuberculosis control programs. Liesbeth joined the Union in 2017 as training manager TB and Lung health.

The overall learning objectives of this course are listed below. The specific objectives are presented when you begin each module.

After taking the online Prevent TB: management of TB infection you will:

  • Understand the rationale of TB preventive treatment  
  • Identify at-risk groups for TB infection and disease
  • Appreciate the strengths and limitations of current diagnostic tests for TB infection
  • Know the range of treatment options for TB infection
  • Become familiar with issues associated with implementation of TB prevention services in the field

The target audience for Prevent TB: management of TB Infection are health care workers and public health officers interested in the clinical and programmatic management of TB infection based on the current evidence.


The Union

  • ​Dlodlo RA, et al. Management of tuberculosis. A guide to essential practice. Seventh edition 2019. International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. and
  • Harries AD, et al. Challenges and opportunities to prevent tuberculosis in people living with HIV in low-income countries. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2019; 23(2): 241-251.
  • Lin Y, et al. Management of diabetes-tuberculosis. A guide to essential practice. First edition 2018. International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.
  • Piubello A, et al. Field guide for the management of drug-resistant tuberculosis. 2018. International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.
  • Williams G, et al. Best practice for the care of patients with tuberculosis. A guide for low-income countries. Second edition 2017. International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Transmission and pathogenesis of tuberculosis:
  • Testing for tuberculosis infection and disease:
  • Treatment for latent tuberculosis infection:

World Health Organization

  • Global Tuberculosis Report 2019.
  • Global Tuberculosis Report 2018.
  • Consolidated Tuberculosis Guidelines, Module 1, Prevention. Tuberculosis Preventive Therapy 2020. and
  • Latent TB Infection : Updated and consolidated guidelines for programmatic management, 2018. ISBN 97892 4 155 023-9
  • Other: Pai M, et al. Tuberculosis. Nature Reviews Disease Primers 2016, 2. 16076. 10.1038/nrdp.2016.76.

This online course is accredited by International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The Union is an accredited IACET provider.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

The course content was developed by The Union  in 2019. Some of the data presented, for example, those from the World Health Organisation annual Global TB Report, may seem outdated. However, the educational content is still valid in 2024. The Union is a non-profit organisation and depends on external funding to create and update online courses, which can be offered for free to learners worldwide.

Faculty have no, real or perceived, direct or indirect conflicts of interest that relate to this online course.

Ignacio Monedero- has no conflict of interest to declare
Grania Brigden- has no conflict of interest to declare
Liesbeth Oey- has no conflict of interest to declare
Riitta Mansnerus-Dlodlo- has no conflict of interest to declare

This project was made possible with the financial support of Sanofi.

Commercial names of medical devices/software/equipment may appear in this content because they are linked to specific medical procedures, which are the focus of this training material. Other products in the market can be used to perform the aforementioned medical procedures. The educational provider does not endorse any particular product.

Module 1. Introduction to TB
Module 2. Pathogenesis of TB
Module 3. At-risk populations
Module 4. Identifying TB infection
Module 5. TB preventive therapy (TPT)
Module 6. Implementation of TB prevention
Assessment & Certificate

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